Snapshots of Sherlock’s Evolution: March Edition

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Snapshots of Sherlock’s Evolution: March Edition

Post by natalieh » 15 Mar 2017, 14:32

What is our product development team up to?
Sherlock’s Parts Library Expansion has begun! In version 5.2 (coming to your nearest computer soon!), there will be 200+ patterns (catered to electrolytic capacitors) available to the Sherlock community. As we continue our targeted expansion, this list will continue to capture a larger number of our users’ parts.

We just wrapped up IPC 2581 Support and have been aggressively developing the IC Wearout module and two game-changing analyses: Thermomechanical Analysis and Temperature-based FEA.

What’s the difference between the above-mentioned analyses? Glad you asked!
• The Thermomechanical Analysis provides the ability to capture system-level effects on solder joint reliability during temperature cycling. Examples of system-level effects include mirroring, over-constrained boards, and potting/coating. In all of these cases, there is location-dependent behavior that induces significant strain into the solder joint -- this will in turn greatly reduce lifetime. At this time, no other commercial analysis tool gives users the capability to capture this very real risk.
• Temperature-based FEA allows users to perform mechanical analysis (vibration, shock, bending) over a wide range of temperatures. The effect of drop/shock at cold temperatures (think mobile devices used in Sweden) and vibration at hot temperatures (think electronics on a jet engine) can now all be captured in Sherlock.

If you have any questions about these developments, please feel free reach out via the forum or to me directly!
Natalie Hernandez, PhD
Sr. Project Manager
ANSYS DfR Solutions

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