Column Grid Array (CGA) Components

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Column Grid Array (CGA) Components

Post by RickJames008 » 23 Dec 2015, 13:27


I am working on a board that has a couple of CGA components that I do not know how to characterize.

I thought about using a BGA package, however I am not confident the model is a close enough representation of a CGA
(Since the CGA has metal leads, and the BGA has solder balls)

Is there a better package model type to use?
Are there plans to create a new CGA model?

I have attached a document from Microsemi detailing their CGA package

Microsemi CGA1152 Package
(1.87 MiB) Downloaded 1578 times

Gil Sharon
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Re: Column Grid Array (CGA) Components

Post by Gil Sharon » 11 Jan 2016, 10:01


The Sherlock model for Column grid arrays is being tested right now. We have excellent test data from a trusted source that we are working with.
I have tried using the BGA model with mild success. The model stops working when the aspect ratio gets too high.
I recommend that for this part you verify your reliability metrics independently.

Gil Sharon

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