Long time needed in saving component changes

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Long time needed in saving component changes

Post by Jon » 05 Aug 2016, 04:52

When click the save button "Saving Component Changes" in layer viewer (using v5.0.1), it take very long times (20-30min) especially if there is a lot of parts on PCB (5-10k)? Although the changes is only a minor move of one component. Please have a look if able to shorten the time of "Saving Component Changes".
Thank you.

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Re: Long time needed in saving component changes

Post by pwalters » 22 Nov 2016, 16:14

The performance issue related to using the Component Editor for large number of parts has been identified and will be corrected in an upcoming release of Sherlock. To alleviate the problem before the next release, it is possible to disable the validation which checks for overlapping parts when exiting the editor.

To make this configuration change, exit all Sherlock programs, then locate the "user.properties" file in the Sherlock user directory. Open this file with a text editor and add the following line at the bottom of the file then save the file.


To re-enable this validation, simply remove this line from the file.

Use caution when modifying this file as unintended changes to other properties may affect the operation of Sherlock.
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