How Sherlock FlexLM Licensing Works

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How Sherlock FlexLM Licensing Works

Post by David Dang » 09 Sep 2019, 15:37

Sherlock licensing has begun to transition from FLOATING licenses to FLEXNET_FLOATING licenses. This means that the Sherlock License is now hosted internally at each organization on a FlexNet License Server.

How it works
The license file generated will have the HOSTNAME and HOSTID of the server in it. This cannot change as it is specific to this server and also is used to identify the Sherlock server to the client machines. The client machines communicate with the server to obtain a Sherlock License through a defined port. This port allows for a communication path through the server firewall.
Sherlock Flex.png
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The default is 27000 however this can be changed during the installation of the license on the server. If the port number is changed, it will need to be updated in the license file so that the client machine knows to use a different port for communication.
To change the port number open the license file in a text editor and replace the default 27000 with the new port number.
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For detailed instructions on the installation process, please read the attached User Guide
FlexNet License Management.pdf
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