How do I import a part from the Global Database?

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Tom OConnor
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How do I import a part from the Global Database?

Post by Tom OConnor » 23 Jul 2013, 16:41

How do I find a specific part in the global data base to add the parts list? I do not see this explanation in the Tutorial on Database Management.
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Frank Pittelli
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Re: Import a part from the Global Database

Post by Frank Pittelli » 23 Jul 2013, 19:21

See page 14 of the "Part Database" tutorial for an explanation of how the Parts List for any CCA can be updated using data from either the Local or Global Part Database using the "Update Part List from Part Database" menu option.

When adding a new part to a CCA, you should add the part to the Parts List, providing the proper Part Number and Manufacturer (if available), and then confirm those properties in the Parts List. Then, select "Update Part List from Part Database" to update all confirmed parts in the Parts List (including the newly added part) with the part properties from Local or Global Part Database.

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