How do you correct Package properties?

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How do you correct Package properties?

Post by jmuszynski » 20 Dec 2013, 10:38

For several surface mount packages in the package database I am seeing a value specified for "Lead Hole Diameter", for example check the SOT-23 (TO-236AA) package. Being a surface mount part it would seem this value should always be 0. Is there a reason it should be set to a value other then 0?

Additionally several other parameters in the package database do not always match manufacturer data sheets that are stating JEDEC standard packages. What is the source data for the package database? Is there anyway to correct the database so all parts of that package type load the correct data?

Frank Pittelli
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Re: Package Database Lead Hole Diameter

Post by Frank Pittelli » 21 Dec 2013, 14:06

If Sherlock doesn't have a specific value for Lead Hole Diameter (as well as many other properties), it automatically guesses a value. For surface mount parts, such properties are not used, so it doesn't really matter what value is stored.

The package properties provided by Sherlock were determined by DfR staff members over the past couple of years. With over 1600 packages and 20-30 properties for each, we have no doubt that some property values may be inaccurate. Accordingly, there are a couple of methods that can be used to correct such issues:

1) Send us an email or forum posting indicating incorrect properties and we'll update them in the Sherlock Package Database.

2) Create a "package.csv" file in the Sherlock User Directory and enter a row for each package that you would like to correct. One easy way to do this is to export a part that has been assigned that package type and then edit the resulting CSV file to include only the package property columns. The package.csv is automatically loaded when Sherlock is started, overwriting the same package definitions in the Sherlock Package Database. The "User Data Files" tutorial provides more details about this approach.

3) Instead of changing the Package data, you can optionally update the properties for a given "part" that uses that package and then save all of the properties associated with that part in your Local Part Database. Such property management is a level "up" from the package data, ensuring that parts with the same part number will always use the same properties. The "Part Database" tutorial provides more details about this approach.

We've also added some features in the upcoming Version 3.1 to help with package property management:

A) The "Package Manager" tool has been added to allow users to easily add / modify / delete package definitions. All changes made will be automatically stored in the user "package.csv" file. The Package Manager also allows users to export one or more package definitions to a spreadsheet file and/or import one or more package definitions from a spreadsheet file.

B) Properties and groups of properties that are not used for a given package type (based on other package properties) will be greyed out or hidden whenever possible to reduce confusion.

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