how to move the solder ball with component

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how to move the solder ball with component

Post by Jacob » 07 Nov 2019, 05:24

I want to move the solder ball with component. is it possible ?
I heard if BGA was moved, solder fatigue result was the same before location. Many customer asked why?
Briefly, I heard sherlock was using 1D equation. is it correct ?
I want to check it by moving BGA with components.
can I get solder fatigue example with manual?

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Re: how to move the solder ball with component

Post by natalieh » 12 Nov 2019, 10:31

Sherlock uses both 1D and 3D equations. The 1D equations account for local material interactions; the 3D model accounts for system level effects, like moving the component, underfill, etc.
I'd recommend reading the Thermal Mechanical user guide and running a model with just 1 BGA on the board. Please try moving the BGA around (closer and further away from a mount point), and observe the change in the max strain values.
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