How to edit a board outline

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How to edit a board outline

Post by Gil Sharon » 17 Oct 2013, 16:33

The information in this post can be found:
- Open the Layer viewer
- Pull down menu>Edit>Edit Board Outline
- Help button

Press the Draw Outline button to delete the existing outline (if any) and draw a new outline by left-clicking the mouse at one or more points on in the editor panel. When you are done entering points, right-click the mouse over any point to automatically connect the last point entered to the starting point of the outline. The mouse operations supported in this mode include:
- Left-click one or more times to add points
- Right-click to close polygon and save outline
Press the Edit Outline button to edit the existing outline. In edit mode an existing outline vertex can be moved by dragging it with the left mouse button. A new vertex can be inserted after a selected vertex by holding the SHIFT key and dragging the vertex to the desired location. To delete an existing vertex, hold the CONTROL key and left-click the vertex. To exit edit mode, right-click anywhere in the editor panel.
The mouse operations supported in this mode include:
- Left-Drag to move a vertex
- SHIFT-Left-Drag to split and drag vertex
- CONTROL-Left-Click to delete vertex
- Right-Click any vertex to enter it's location
- Right-Click anywhere to save outline
- The Reset Outline button will undo all changes made to the outline since the editor was invoked.
- The Save button saves the outline to the file system and updates all layer displays.
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