Clicking "Update Layers" in the parts list

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Gil Sharon
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Clicking "Update Layers" in the parts list

Post by Gil Sharon » 10 Apr 2013, 16:16

We were recently working on a test board with less than 100 parts.
We did several modifications to the package and lead dimensions.
After every change, you need to click the "Update Layers" button to commit the change to the project. Sherlock will not automatically commit the change even if you close the parts list.

We are looking into the effects of forcing a layer update.

Frank Pittelli
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Re: Clicking "Update Layers" in the parts list

Post by Frank Pittelli » 21 Dec 2013, 14:36

Starting in Version 3.1, Sherlock will automatically execute the "Update Layers" process if the user modifies one or more part properties and then closes the Parts List tab or the Sherlock window. This will ensure that the component layers will be updated after one or more parts are modified and that all analysis results that depend on the Parts List will be cleared.

In addition to the automatic update feature, users can also use a new "Update Layers" menu option in the Project Navigation tree to ensure data consistency.

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