How to edit layers

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How to edit layers

Post by Gil Sharon » 17 May 2013, 11:55

If you have a circuit card that has a lot of extra information located outside the board outline and you just don't want it in your analysis.
This happens sometimes when you get a panel layout and it has multiple boards per panel. You are sometimes interested in the results for the whole panel (effects of manufacturing) and sometimes a single board (product life)

Right click on a layer>Edit Layer
a window will pop out that looks like the regular layer viewer, but it isn't
Left click and drag to highlight a rectangular section> Exclude region

Hit the "Save" button
The window will close and the layer will have a question mark icon next to it
Right click> Edit Layer> Save
This second Save action is to verify the Pad information. (It is highly unlikely that you would ever have to change anything in the pad information)

Performing this on Silk Screen layers might cause them to not plot properly. YMMV

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