Using Sherlock BEFORE Layout

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Using Sherlock BEFORE Layout

Post by Nathan Blattau » 26 Mar 2013, 14:53

Do you know that you can use Sherlock before layout? That a pick and place file is not necessary to use Sherlock as a critical part of preliminary design review (PDR), component qualification, or just earlier in the design process.

The steps to success are relatively easy. Upload your bill of materials into Sherlock and verify your part properties. Right click anywhere on the parts list and click export parts list. Select the following Columns:
Ref Des
Board Side
X Coordinate
Y Coordinate

and click Export. Open the file in Excel and enter in the coordinates, rotation, and board side. These can be randomly done using functions in Excel. Import the resulting CSV file into Sherlock and set as a pick and place type and you are ready to go. Some parts may overlap, but you can use Sherlock's Layer Window to easily move parts to wherever you want in a fraction of the time of standard FEA.
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