Meshing issues

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Meshing issues

Post by benboubaker » 30 Mar 2016, 17:28


i am currently adding a chassis to the board i am studying, the chassis is an assembly of one horizontal circuit card (base chassis) and 2 vertical circuit cards (vertical panels).
i don't want to fixe the vertical panels, i want to see their machanical properties on the overall natural frequecy of the assembly.
1- when i set up the meshing properties as merged, the vertical panel does not bound with the base chassis, the board natural frequency is influenced only by the base chassis, the vertical panels are not included in the system.
2- when i set up the meshing properties as bounded, i have a lots of errors and the analysis fails

i usually check the 3D model meshing before running the analysis, and i noticed that the mounting points nodes and elements of the vertical panel does not match the base chassis mesh.

Is someone modeled a chassis or part of a chassis in Sherlock?

Thank you,


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