ADD potting on daughter board

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ADD potting on daughter board

Post by like » 24 Mar 2016, 03:47

Simulation for combination board, when I was add RTV on daughter board and then create 3D mode to verify the combination board, there is a strange thing, I was not found any potting exist on daughter board.
I`m very confuse for that, I don`t know, did I add potting succeed or not? or the simulation result was consider for potting influences.

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Re: ADD potting on daughter board

Post by natalieh » 08 Feb 2017, 16:16

Hi Like,

That is a strange artifact! Would you mind sending us your project for review? Also, please let me know if this issue was addressed offline. If it was, I will research how the problem was resolved and post that information here so other users are aware.
Natalie Hernandez, PhD
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ANSYS DfR Solutions

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