"Enhanced Plastic" Package Material

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"Enhanced Plastic" Package Material

Post by mferree » 20 Jun 2016, 09:27

We are looking at using the following TI component TLC2274A-EP. Is there a significant difference in the package material from the typical Epoxyencapsulant that we would need to add a different type of plastic to Sherlock to model this correctly? If so, can you characterize a material for this or recommend one that is in the software that is a good match? I have attached the material declaration for this.

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Material Declaration.xlsx
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Re: "Enhanced Plastic" Package Material

Post by Jon » 05 Aug 2016, 05:03

if the component package is SOIC, TSSOP, suggest use Epoxyencapsulant.
if the component package is BGA, usually use Overmold-BGA
if the component package is QFN, usually use Overmold-QFN

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