How do you update the part locations

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How do you update the part locations

Post by SLB-SHTC » 27 Oct 2016, 06:03

I have an original design that was imported as an obd++ zip file and it provided all the parts lists etc.
A lot of work was put into the mechanics etc to get a simulation.

The design has been updated but the zip files do not contain .odb files, only .csv files and .gbr files.
I can import the odb++ into a new design but I will have to waste another week inputting all the old data AGAIN!

How can I import and over-write the old design with the new components and coppers etc to provide an updated design for simulation quickily instead of re-writing the whole design AGAIN???

I have tried to export the Parts list from the old design and manually changing the few changed components (X, Y and layer parts), but when I re-import it, the old components are still showing in the placement. It NEVER updates. :?

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Re: How do you update the part locations

Post by pwalters » 11 Nov 2016, 14:50

When importing a parts list into Sherlock, what option was selected? The default is to "Add New Parts Only". So if there were already parts in the project, any parts in the imported parts list would not be added if they were already known to Sherlock. If you select one of the other options, updates should be reflected after the import.

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