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Yaeha kwon
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About Potting

Post by Yaeha kwon » 22 Mar 2016, 02:50

Dear sir,

I'm trying to follow one of your user guide "Potting&Staking".
Here are some three big questions.

The user guide mentions when I add a potting region in the 2D viewer, the area should be displayed as a semi-transparent yellow areas.
But only I can see is a dark black area which makes invisible to see through it.

The user guide says potting can changes the mechanical properties of the circuit card.
If I change the potting properties, different natural frequency result comes up but it seems like potting has no impact to the solder fatigue analysis.
Although Sherlock takes the input data of the 'mechanical properties of the circuit card' to analyze the solder fatigue, why does things like this happen?

As the user guide mentioned, again, potting elements are displayed using a semi-transparent color to see other features visible at the 3D viewer, right?
How can I set this semi-transparent color? cause potting area is not transparent now.

Always thank you for your kind explanation.
Best Regards,
Yaeha Kwon

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Re: About Potting

Post by pwalters » 29 Mar 2016, 09:52

The potting color issues will be corrected in the upcoming 4.2.1 release. I expect it to be released the week of April 4.
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