Curious about the ICT Analysis in Sherlock?

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Curious about the ICT Analysis in Sherlock?

Post by natalieh » 28 Aug 2017, 17:02

Here are a few of the most common questions. Answers attached!

Q1: What is the strain rate used in Sherlock’s ICT module?

Q2: Why do you use “worst case strain rate”, some production line assembly process events measure lower strain rates?

Q3: What’s the relationship between “worst case strain rate” and the 50000 uStrain/s strain rate in IPC-9704?

Q4: How should I correlate the strain value measured using IPC-9704 guidelines with the strain value calculated by ICT module?

Q5: Does the ICT module use the strain rate when calculating Max Strain results?

Q6: Do the shock and vibration modules use strain rate when computing Max Strain results?

Q7: The ICT module does not use modified Steinberg equation, correct?

Q8: What model is the Max Strain result in ICT module based on?
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